How To Play Fantasy Sports Betting

How To Play Fantasy Sports Betting.

Fantasy sports, also known as roto or rotisserie, is a virtual game on any screen using the internet. The players muster their virtual troops of players, replacing their favorite sportsperson with their proxies. The must-have complete mathematical and statistical data calculated on the past performance of the players on the pitch or ground before real before deciding his team.


Fantasy sports betting was introduced in India in 1962 with the football fantasy league but gained popularity around two decades ago, in 2001, when ‘Super Selector Fantasy Game was launched. With; more advanced and cutting-edge technology used in designing these virtual games in the late 20th century, it became the leading industry.


Cricket is the most loved sport in a densely populated country like India. Indians are massive fans of the bat ball game, which leads to the gradual growth of the game’s popularity and the widening of cricket fantasy. Cricket is also gaining more attraction as a fantasy sports betting game. The enthusiast will find cricket fantasy in tournaments like IPL, World Cup, and T20.


Freshly kabaddi was also added to this fantasy sports list; several renowned personalities are also involved in the promotion of the sport, making it more turbulent for the familiar person to join the online league.


Cricket and kabaddi are not only prominent fantasy sports in India, but basketball and football are also becoming the attraction for new players. Noticing the progressive growth and interest of Indians in these virtual games, the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG) decided to form some safeguards and best practices to follow in the fun.


Before exposure to these fantasy sports, the sports options were limited to the common areas of homes and arenas. Now the viewers can easily participate in their favorite sports, and there is one more exciting feature apart from all this is

Earn Real Money

The reason behind playing fantasy sports is contrasting for everyone; some play merely in search of pleasure and vivacity. Others play to continue their passion and want to pursue their career in e-sports. The last classification of the audience is users who are playing to earn money while betting and beating other players in the game. It is legitimate to make money through various games betting.

How to Play Fantasy Sports Betting?

Betting on fantasy sports is dissimilar from the traditional betting style. For example, in cricket betting, the bettors or punters directly bet on the event’s outcomes or the sportsperson.


On the contrary, in fantasy sports, firstly player fabricates his virtual team by substituting their player, then competing against their opponent and trying their best to win and earn some real money. In sports, your most successful virtual player earns some points or rewards.

How To Start Fantasy Sports Betting On Techwizard?

Techwizard is a big platform that gives you enormous reasons for thrill, action, academics and learning through fantasy sports.

Some exclusively picked fantasy sports are on the website:

  1. Fantasy cricket
  2. fantasy football
  3. Fantasy kabaddi


start your first fantasy sports in easy steps

  1. Download the app or sign in on the website.
  2. Choose your favorite sport and create a fantasy team from natural or professional players.
  3. Wisely choose a tournament like MPL.
  4. Play regularly, gradually sharpen your skills, earn some real money, and don’t forget to experience entertainment and pleasure.


Techwizard is a reliable platform for participating in all fantasy sports. The site provides 24×7 customer support for you to give more information. Please feel free to contact our WhatsApp support team for more information on sports betting software.