What Is Dragon Tiger?

  1. Dragon Tiger is a fast-action game played with cards on a table

  2. The game begins when players bet on either Dragon or Tiger options on the table.

  3. Depending on whether you bet on the Dragon or the Tiger box, you win if the highest card appears on that particular option.

How to Play?

  1. First, You Bet on either the Dragon or the Tiger Box by Placing Chips on either of the Two Options.

  2. Then the Dealer Draws One Card for Each Set and Places Them on the Respective Boxes on the Table.

  3. You Win if Your Initial Bet or Call Has Highest Card Value Among the Two Box Options. Or Else, You Lose. 



What Is Andar Bahar?

  1. Andar Bahar Is a Simple Game of Chance Played With a Standard Deck of Cards in casino.

  2. The Main Objective of the Game Is to Predict Whether the Andar Box Wins or the Bahar Box Wins.

  3. The Dealer Begins by Shuffling the Deck and Revealing the First Card or Joker.

  4. Then the Players Place Their Bet by Guessing Which Set of Boxes Would the Joker Card First Land In. You Win by Correctly Choosing Andar or Bahar.

How to Play?

  1. The Game Begins When the Dealer Reveals the Joker.

  2. Next, All Players Place Their Initial Bets by Placing Chips on either

  3. Andar or Bahar.

  4. The First Box Where the Joker Lands in Wins the Round.

  5. You Win if Your Initial Call Matches the Box That the Joker Lands In.


  •  Sic BO

What Is Sic BO?

  1. Sic BO Is a Game of Chance Played Using Three Dice.

  2. It Also Has a Table With Many Different Betting Options Indicated by Certain Symbols.

  3. The Players Need to Predict Which Symbol or Symbols Would Correspond to the Final Total Indicated by the Three Dice.

  4. You Win if the Symbol You Placed Your Bet on Matches the Final Result of the Throw.

How to Play?

  1. The Game Begins When You Place Your Bet Using Chips on the Symbol or Symbols of Your Choice on the Table.

  2. Once All Players on a Table Have Placed Their Bets, the Dealer Calls No More Bets and Gives the Dice-Box a Gentle Shake.

  3. You Win a Payout if the Total Score of the Three Dice Is as per Your Initial Bets.


  • Teen Patti

What Is Teen Patti?

  1. Teenpatti Is an Indian Casino Game Also Known as the Indian Flush Played With a Standard Deck of Cards.

  2. The Main Objective of This Game Is to Create the Highest-Ranking Combination Among All the Players With Only Three Cards Dealt.

  3. The Goal Is Also to Maximize the Pot or the Prize Pool to Make the Greatest Winnings.

How to Play?

  1. This Game Begins When All the Players Place an Initial Bet in the ‘Boot’ or the Prize Pot.

  2. After All the Players Have Placed Their Initial Bet, the Dealer Deals Three Cards to All the Players One at a Time, Face Down.

  3. You Have a Choice of Playing as ‘Seen’ or ‘Blind’. If You Play as Seen, You Can See Your Cards and if You Play Blind You Cannot See Your Cards and Your Cards Remain Face Down.

  4. If You Begin by Playing as a Blind, You Can Choose to See Your Cards at a Later Round of the Game and From Then on You Play as a Seen Player.

  5. The Game Continues Until There Is Only One Player Left on the Table or Until Two Players Are Present at the Table and One of Them Decides to Turn Their Cards Face Up for a Show. In Case, the Only Player Left at the Table Is You, You Win.

  6. During the Show, the Cards Are Compared and the Winning Hand Is the One That Contains the Highest-Ranking Combination. On Account of a Tie, the Player Who Called for the Show Loses.


  • Baccarat

What Is Baccarat?

  1. A Game of Baccarat Is Played With 8 Decks of Cards Contained in the Shoe on the Baccarat Table With Boxes to Place Your Chips On.

  2. Baccarat Is a Simple Guessing Game Played by Guessing Which of the Two Hands Dealt to the Player, Between the Player Hand and the Banker Hand Will Have a Higher Value.

  3. To Have the Winning Hand You Must the Highest Possible Points Which Is Set at 9 Points.

How to Play?

  1. You Begin This Game by Placing an Initial Bet on One of the Options Two Options- Player Bet or Banker’s Bet, Using Your Chips.

  2. After All Players Have Placed Their Bets, the Dealer Calls ‘No More Bets’ and Then the Dealer Deals One Card and Reveals It at the Player Box.

  3. Followed by Another Card for the Banker Box.

    This Is Repeated Twice So That Each Box Contains Exactly Two Cards Each.

  4. After This, if Your Bet Matches the Box With the Highest-Ranked Combination, You Win. Or Else You Lose That Round.

  5. There Is Also an Additional Third Card Rule That Is Explained Below.

  6. It Is Also Important to Note That the Rules of Baccarat’s Card Combination Are Different From Most Other Casino Games.


  • Roulette

What Is Roulette?

  1. Roulette Is a Game of Chance.

    The Game Has a Spinning Wheel With Red and Black Slots With Numbers From 1 to 36. There Is Also One Green Slot With the Number 0 and a Ball.

  2. To Place Your Bets, You Call a Number or a Group of Numbers, and Then the Dealer Spins the Wheel.

    Once the Wheel and the Ball Stop, You Win if Your Call Matches the Ball’s Final Position.

  3. There Is Also a Roulette Table With the Numbers and Groups That You Bet on by Placing Chips on It.

  4. There Are Multiple Players Who Play Simultaneously on One Table. The Chip Colors Help Make the Players and Bets Identifiable.

  5. You Can Also Place Multiple Bets at One Given Time.

How to Play?

  1. You Begin This Game by Placing a Bet on a Number or a Group of Numbers on the Roulette Table.

  2. Next, the Dealer Spins the Roulette Wheel With the Ball.

  3. Once, the Ball Stops, the Final Position of the Ball Indicates the Winning Number.

  4. If Your Bet Matches This Winning Number, You Win!


  • Inside Bets

  1. Straight up Is When You Place a Bet on Any One Number on the Roulette Table. The Payout Is 35X Your Betting Amount.

  2. Split Is When You Keep Your Chip on the Line Between Two Adjacent Numbers That You Choose to Bet On. The Payout Is 17X Your Betting Amount.

  3. Corner Is When You Place Your Chip on the Common Corners of Four Numbers That You Choose to Bet On. The Payout Is 8X Your Betting Amount.

  4. Street Is When You Bet on Three Consecutive Numbers on the Same Row by Placing a Chip on the Outer Side of the Table. The Payout Is 11X Your Betting Amount.

  5. Six Line Is When You Bet on Two Adjacent Rows by Placing a Chip on the Common Outer Corner of the Two Rows. The Payout Is 5X Your Betting Amount.


  • Outside Bets

  1. Even Chances Comprise Dual Options Such as Red-Black, Odd-Even, and High-Low(1-18 & 19-36).

  2. You Can Choose to Bet on either One of These Dual Options to Earn a 1X Payout on Winning.

  3. Dozens Comprise a Group of 12 Numbers Such as 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36. There Are Called the 1st Dozen, 2nd Dozen, and 3rd Dozen Respectively. The Payout on Winning Is 2X Your Betting Amount.

  4. Column Bets Comprise Betting on an Individual Column That You Think the Winning Number Will Feature From. On Winning, the Payout Is 2X Your Betting Amount.

  5. If the Winning Number Is Zero, All Outside Bets Lose.



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