• All betting options on football matches are for 90 Minutes of scheduled play unless otherwise stated. This includes Stoppage Time.
  • Correct Score You’re betting on the exact final score of a match or the exact half-time score if specified.
  • We’ll list the correct score possibilities that cover almost every possible result. However, if the final correct score was not quoted in the original list, the unquoted correct score will still count as the winner.

Correct Score Any Other When a price for ‘Any Other Score’ is offered, it will cover every option that isn’t mentioned in the list of Correct Scores.

First/Last/Next Goalscorer

  • Predict the First/Next/Last player to Score in a match.
  • A price will be offered for ‘No Goalscorer’, which means that if there aren’t any Goal Scorers in the match then First/Last/Next Goalscorer bets will be losing bets.
  • Own goals don’t count. In the event of the first/next goal being an own goal, the Next Goalscorer will be deemed the First/Next Goalscorer.
  • If your player doesn’t take part in the match, bets will be voided. For First/Next Goalscorer, players not taking part in the match before the first goal is scored will be voided.
  • Every effort is made to quote all players taking part in a match, however, if the first/last/next goal is scored by a player not quoted in the original list, the unquoted Goalscorer will still count as the winner.
  • For Last Goalscorer bets, any player taking part in the match will be deemed a runner whether on the pitch at the time of the last goal or not.

Anytime Goalscorer Predict whether a player will score a goal in a match.

  1. Bets don’t include Extra Time. Own goals don’t count.
  2. Multiple bets involving Anytime Goalscorers in the same match are accepted.
  3. Any player taking part in the match will be deemed a runner.


Top Goalscorer
League Top Goalscorer markets include divisional play-off matches.

Dead Heat rules apply.


Goalscorer Disputes
The settlement will be based on the outcome given by the official governing body, e.g. UEFA for the Champions League, FIFA for World Cup Qualifiers, etc.


Who Wins The Rest Of The Match?
This market treats the match as if the score was 0-0 from the point you place your bet.

For example, if the current score is 2-1 and the match finishes 2-2, then the away team wins this bet as they would win 0-1.

Bookings/Betting on the Number of Cards
You’re betting on how many cards will be awarded during a match.

A yellow card counts as 1 card.

A red counts as 2 cards.

A yellow-red count as 2 cards. This is when a player gets a second yellow card, thereby earning himself a red card. The second yellow which leads to a red card is not considered. As a consequence one player cannot receive more than 3 cards.

Players not taking part in the game who receive red cards and red cards issued to managing staff do not count.

If a player is sent off after the final whistle it also doesn’t count.

Win/Draw/Win vs. To Qualify

  • Football bets on the ‘Win/Draw/Win’ market are settled based on the score at the end of regular time, excluding extra time and penalty shootouts. This is a three-way market as it includes the draw option.
  • The market ‘To Qualify’ is a two-way market and is settled on the final result of the match, taking into account extra time and penalty shootouts.
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